Razor Aquatics is dedicated to getting African American youth excited about competitive swimming.  The USA Swimming League is home to hundreds of swim clubs around the country.  But the majority of those clubs have very few black swimmers on them or none at all.  We want African American youth to know that competitive swimming is open to everyone and they can succeed in it.  We are inclusive though.  Our team is open to children of every demographic.  


Being a Razor Aquatics swimmer means being competitive, resilient, and tough.  We teach our swimmers they are worthy of success, but that it must be worked for.  We believe in challenging our swimmers and showing them they are capable of more than they thought they were.  We teach our swimmers that you don't give up when the going gets tough.  We also teach our swimmers that developing integrity is more important than anything else they can gain out of this program.  Being a Razor swimmer means being ready to be pushed and being ready to have fun with your teammates.  


Razor parents are supportive and committed to their child's long-term participation in this sport.   Our parents support their child's growth and development in swimming through the good times and the challenging times.  They support and trust their children's coaches.  Our parents support and cheer for all the swimmers on the team (not just their child).  Razor Parents are committed to helping their children achieve above-average results.     


 Our team uses Thurston High School  on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  The address is 26255 Schoolcraft, Redford, MI 48239.


On Mondays and Wednesdays, our team uses Unis Middle School.  The address is 7801 Maple St, Dearborn, MI 48126.


Our team has two training groups.  The Silver Group trains from 5:00pm-7:15pm and the Gray Group trains from 6:15pm-8:15pm.    


Swimmers are not required to attend every practice, but high attendance rates are required to enter competitions on our team.  


We train swimmers from kindergarten to 12th grade.  You can check our home page to see when our next enrollment/assessment period is and what ages we are accepting at the time.  We accept swimmers based on the where we have the most space for new members at the time.  We usually have more room for younger swimmers between the ages of 5 and 9 than other age ranges.  Also, there may be times when we need to help balance our gender ratio on the team and might be accepting more girls than boys or more boys than girls at the time.  


New members do not need advanced swimming skills to join.  But we do prefer if new swimmers know how to put their face in the water and float first before trying out.  



Our team has a two-part tryout process.  The first part of tryouts is a physical fitness assessment, which is performed out of the water.  The second part is a swim assessment, which is performed in the water.  The physical fitness assessment is used to assess the swimmer's current athletic attributes such as speed, endurance, core strength, and upper body strength.  The swim assessment is used to see what the child's current swimming level is so they can be placed in the proper swim group.  Remember that new swimmers don't need advanced swimming skills, but should at least be able to put their face in the water and preferably know how to float.    


During our Summer and Fall Seasons, we hold fitness assessments outside at Ford Woods Park in Dearborn (5700 Greenfield Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126).  The fitness assessment consists of:


  • an endurance run (approximately 400 meters) 

  • a sprinting run (approximately 70yd) 

  • a sit-up test (as many as the child can perform in 30 seconds) 

  • a chin-up hold test (hold chin over the bar as long as the child can while supporting his/her weight off the ground)



You can find a video demonstration of the skills below



During the winter months, we conduct a modified fitness assessment at an indoor location



We have different standards for different age groups for each test and passing the fitness assessment means achieving age group standards in 3 of the 4 tests.  Parents should be aware that not everyone passes the fitness assessment.  It typically takes an above-average level of athleticism to pass the fitness assessment.  When spots are limited in specific age/gender groups, we will accept new swimmers based on the top assessment performances. 




Swimmers that pass the fitness assessment move on to take the swim assessment next.  During the swim assessment, children demonstrate their current swimming skills so we know what training group to start them off with.  It does not matter if they are strong swimmers or have very little swimming skills.  We just need to know where to place them.  If a swimmer did not pass the fitness assessment, but does have strong competitive swimming skills/speed, that swimmer may demonstrate their competitive swimming skills for a second shot to make the team. 


This is a year-round swim team.  The short-course season (competitions held in 25yd pools) runs from September to March and the long-course season (competitions held in 50m and 25m pools) runs from April to August.   

Membership Fee

One Swimmer: $121/month
Two Swimmers: $143/month
Three Swimmers: $165/month
Payments can be made on a monthly basis, a seasonal basis, or in automatic biweekly installments for parents that would like set payments up to coincide with paydays.

When you break the team fees down, you'll see that we have very good prices.  You get a ton of bang for your buck.  Swimmers that take advantage of the full 5-6 training days/week are receiving high quality training for less than $3/hour.


It is possible to put a price on some of the opportunities this team could offer such as potential scholarships, but most of the benefits are priceless.


  • Being a part of a unique team that teaches athletes not to settle.

  • Receiving professional instruction and training for long-term athletic development.

  • Developing swimming skills that will be useful for life.

  • Developing great friendships with teammates.

  • Opportunities to travel and go on fun, memorable trips.

  • Developing discipline and a value for hard work.

  • Receiving regular attention and feedback.

  • Having a team that cares about you. 

Give us the opportunity to turn your child into a special swimmer.

CONTACT US AT (313) 748-3483

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