2:00pm (Check-in starts at 1:30pm)


(41550 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48375)

Children and teens can partner up with friends and family to take the 2019 Power Partner Challenge.  Each partner pair must consist of a male and female participant in the same age division. The age divisions are 6 years old and younger, 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, 13-14 years old, and 15-17 years old.  


Each pair will go through the 8 fitness challenges listed below.  The performance of each partner will be added together and divided in half to get the pair’s average score for each test.  Partner duos will earn points by ranking in the top ten for their age group in each test. 1st place for each test will score the most points and 10th place will score the fewest points.  Ranking outside of the top ten will earn no points.  




  1. The Sprint- Run straight forward as fast as possible.

  2. Sandbag Pull- Use the rope to pull the sandbag from the far end of the field to your end.

  3. Broad Jump- From a standing position, jump as far forward as possible leaving and landing with both feet together.

  4. Medicine Ball Toss- Throw the medicine ball as far forward as possible.

  5. Parachute Run- Run forward as fast as your can with a parachute attached to your back.

  6. Tire Flip- Flip the tire 5 times in as little time as possible.

  7. Agility Run- Run around the outside of the cones in a zigzag pattern.

  8. Power Sled Push- Push the weighted sled across the designated distance.


Point System


  • 1st place- 100 points

  • 2nd place- 85 points

  • 3rd place- 75 points

  • 4th place- 65 points

  • 5th place- 55 points

  • 6th place- 45 points

  • 7th place- 35 points

  • 8th place- 25 points

  • 9th place- 15 points

  • 10th place- 10 points


Once the scores for each partner duo have been tallied, the top three scoring duos in each age division will take the power challenge obstacle course.  The time it takes to complete the course will determine 1st-3rd place in each age division.




  • Sled Pull- both partners drag the weighted sled together across the designated distance.

  • Sack Hop- both partners hop to the next station inside the provided sacks.

  • Medicine Ball Pass- partners must stand behind the designated lines and pass the medicine ball to one another 4 times.

  • Medicine Ball Retrieval-  partners must run and bring the 7 medicine balls of varying weights and distances from the starting point back past the designated line.

  • Sandbag Pull- partners must pull the ropes with the sandbags attached to them past the designated line.  




  • Entry Fee- $49 per pair (approximately $25 for each partner).

    • Partners must be registered and paid for by Tuesday, September 24.

    • Parents can register their children’s team on the Razor Aquatics Swim Team website: www.razorswimteam.com 

    • Once a pair is registered, the parent that filled out the registration form will be contacted to arrange payment. 

  • Do-over ticket- Participants can purchase a do-over ticket to redo a fitness challenge they think they could have done better on for a $10 fee.  Limit of two per participant.




  • Trophies for the winning partner duos in each age division.

  • Medals for 1st-3rd place partner duos.

  • Ribbons for the top male and female performers in each age division for each fitness challenge.

  • Mystery Gift Card Claim- The top male and female individual scorers in each age division will get the chance to run out to a cone on the field at the end of the challenge.  Whatever cone they run out to will have a gift card underneath it. The gift card amounts will range from $10-$100.  




  • Partner Photos- For $10, partners can have their pictures taken together.  Parents will be sent a link where they can download the digital photos for free or order physical prints of various sizes.   

  • Action Shots and General Event Photos- Professional photographs will be taken throughout the entire event.  The pictures taken at the event will be uploaded to a photo gallery where purchases of digital images and physical prints can be made.  A link to the photo gallery will be added to the event page.   





There will be an Adult Power Partner Challenge for participants 18 years of age and older in December.  Details coming soon.

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